Launch of the Binary options competition

Forex Optimum announces the launch of the competition "Binary options"! The prize fund is $ 350!
Absolutely No risks and No investments needed! Trade Virtual Money - Win real money! The main prize is - $ 200!
Sign up or Log In Personal Cabinet on the Company's website and open a demo account to trade binary options! Participants can use all the trading tools and strategies. Moreover, you can open and use two or more demo accounts!
Lost your account? Not Lucky for the first time? Open more during the contest and continue your trial - its allowed and welcome!
The target of participants - to make at least 20 transactions of any volume in the period of the competition and get the maximum profit as a result.
The prize fund is divided into three cash prizes!
- Participant who won the contest the first place, gets the main prize - $200;
- Second place - $100;
- Third place - $50.
The remaining 7 members, ranked 4th to 10th receive a prize cent account for trading on FOREX with a prize sum of $30.
Profit from trading with the bonus amount available for withdrawal.
Bidder has no right to start trading before the announcement of the contest. Date and time of the start of the competition and its end are indicated on the Company's website on the page and in the email, which the Company is obliged to send to participants no later than 24 hours before the opening of the contest.
Test your strength in an interesting competitive fight! All you need to win - to show profitable trade! Prove that you're the best!

Keep pace with the times, along with Forex Optimum!

In Internet Today it is easy to find a lot of reviews about anything. And if you ask one’s opinion about Forex trading, then there is a myriad of emotional statements. So it turns out that most people have formed a correspondence opinion about trading which is often far from reality.

Just to notice that Forex itself it is not a "scam", as it can often hear from people who did not even try to trade or those who failed trying to make a million from one penny.

Earning money on Forex is pretty real even though it is not as easy as they say in advertising. In fact there are a lot of examples where people live solely on money earned in Forex.

To achieve good results you need a lot of time to devote to Forex trading, learn all the details, to develop strategy, you need to have fun in the end. Otherwise, you will be constantly distracted by extraneous issues.

So, if you decide to try your hand at Forex trading, you are welcome to our company! Forex Optimum is an official broker, providing all the necessary facilities for a comfortable trading for beginners as well as for professional traders.

Good luck at the start and good trading!

Trade binary options with ForexOptimum

Forex Optimum Company is pleased to announce a new service!
We offer our clients the opportunity to trade binary options. This trade can be carried out directly within the Company Secure zone.
Binary options have appeared recently, but almost immediately became a very popular instrument.
Options Trading - is, in fact, trade contracts, which give a certain pre-defined profit. Winnings are calculated by multiplying the base price of the option on the profit margin. If you win your you get the total price of the contract back, including profit. In case of loss only the cost of the option is charged. It should be noted that any change in the rate allows to profit, even if it is minimal.
The main essence of trading options such as "Call / Put" (above / below) is that the trader after selecting instrument needs to choose one of two scenarios on the market: whether the price of the option at the time of its sale will be higher/lower than the price which was at the time of purchase of the option, its nominal value.
The main advantages of binary options trading:
· The ability to trade 24 hours a day
· High return
· Fast Profit
· A variety of assets
· No commissions
· Easy
· Freedom
It's simple: You can open an account to trade binary options immediately after registration in the Cabinet of the client cabinet or use an existing profile and start trading options!
Binary options - a popular type of OTC contracts provided by Forex Optimum for their clients to get acquainted with the mechanisms of the financial markets and the use of existing methods of financial analysis.
Today, binary options - the easiest tool nof non margin trading. Their distinguishing features are:
· No need of leverage
· Trader knows all the levels of possible losses and possible gains in advance
· No need to invest relatively large sums for trading
Forex Optimum offers you to trade binary options platform of its own design, you can find the log in link in your Personal Cabinet.
You do not need to download any additional software or install any additional plug-ins in your terminal. All trading operations are performed in the web interface in your personal account, including withdrawal.
Trading binary options is available for almost everyone. All that is required - it is the desire to learn, time and patience.
We wish you a successful trading!

Forex Optimum announces a series of real trader contests with real prizes


Forex Optimum has been holding an ongoing “Real prize for your profit” contest of traders' for several months. The competition is held on real accounts and is gaining popularity in a large number of traders with professional experience, because its main purpose is - to reveal the best of them, check the level of skill and training of all the contestants. The "Real prize for your profit" contest will be held on a monthly basis. In order to participate you just need to have an open type "Standard.STP" account and a deposit of $ 300 (excluding bonuses) there.
If you have a desire and ability to manage multiple accounts, you can open multiple accounts! It is also allowed to use all available trade tools that opens up great prospects. During the month, the participants are in a fascinating struggle that is accompanied by emotional disturbances, each contestant with his own way and personal trading strategy, considering the moves and actions. Taking part in the contest, each trader is undoubtedly receiving a great experience. Forex trading brings in a human restraint, prudence and confidence, broadens your mind, because you need to always be aware of all the economic and political events in the world.
The winners are the 3 best contestants. They are determined by the maximum profit (Equity) on the account from the first to the last trading day of the month for the period of the competition: 

- 1st place – 300$
- 2nd place – 200$
- 3rd place – 100$
After summing up the contest, and reset the data billing, prizes are transferred to the real winners' accounts that were open for competition. Funds are available for trading or withdrawal immediately after they are credited onto your account without any limits. If you live with the spirit of competition, perseverance, passion, desire to develop a new interesting direction and desire to win - then forex competition from «Forex Optimum» is waiting for you!

Follow all the movements on the foreign exchange market viewed ONLINE

Dear Forex Optimum clients!
Now you have a great opportunity to follow all the movements on the foreign exchange market viewed ONLINE!
Many trading tools and detailed analytical review on each of them. Now all available in your Personal cabinet!
Reliable analytical source of information is always at hand and you will be able to make the right decision as to when to enter the market! Because it is an important factor for profitable trading of each trader.
Become financially independent! Become a professional with Forex Optimum!

The Best Affiliate Tools From Forex Otimum

Dear Partners,
Forex Optimum thanks you for the effective cooperation for many years.
Our team is ready to offer for you a full range of tools for active partnerships to attract clients. For consultation you can contact your Personal Manager or send us a request on mailbox -
Becoming a Partner of our company, you receive basically 65% of the spread for each trade closed by your clients.
If you are an active partner of the company, the payments could rise up to 85%. Our offer for Partners is trully one of the most favorable on the foreign exchange market.
And that's not all! If you consider yourself a more experienced partner - Rebate system will fully fit you to make your offer more attractive to clients!
Don't doubt the success! Join right now!

Improved Tools for Partners

It us really beneficial to be the Partner of Forex Optimum. You just need to register, attract clients and get your profits.
The constant motivation of personal growth and increase in profit undoubtedly will make you successful in the currency market!
Recommendations for attracting clients, as well as a large set of Affiliate tools, including Rebate system, will help You attract new clients without any difficulties.
Take advantage of the attractive offer right now!


Dear traders!

Forex Optimum is one of the leading brokers in the foreign exchange market as trading conditions for clients and partners.

Based on the experience in the financial markets, Forex Optimum team works on improvement of the service every day so that each client could appreciate the quality of all company services.

Tight spreads, optimal leverage for trading, wide range of trading tools, instant processing of orders, - all this is available to each client who registered trading account in our company.

Join our independent platform! Become successful today!


Dear traders,
We are glad to inform you that trading 2 lots per every 1000 dollars of your balance per month only, you will receive 2% per month cash into your trading account automatically. (Minimal Deposit is 1000$)
This option will serve as a good foundation and increase the profit of the traders that use large turnover of funds in his trading strategy.
Maximum client loyalty! Convenient trading conditions! All this will be provided for you with Forex Optimum broker!