1) Go to page forexoptimum.com and choose your language, after that, press REGISTRATION

2) New REGISTRATION page will open. Please type in your Name, Phone nummber with international code and your email. There will be confirmation SMS and E-mail sent afterwards to the phone number and email you provided. Please include the correct information.
3) After filling all necessary fields, press REGISTER button
4) After that new page will open where are several important things to complete and to note down! In order to trade you need a Trading account. And in order to manage your trades – you need your Trading cabinet. So Here, you get your data for a first time which you can use to LOGIN TO YOUR CABINET. Note them down and next time you visit forexoptimum.com website the them by pressing SIGN IN BUTTON.

5) NEXT on the same page you will find more detailed registration form to complete where you will need to write down you surname, date of birth etc.

6) When that is done you will find ACCOUNT OPENING options right below! First you need to choose which type of account you wish to have: STARTUP – which is a Cent account with Leverage 1:500, Minimal contract - 0.1, Lot size 100 000 cents (150 000 for some instruments)). Trading instruments: Major currencies. Minimum deposit: 10$ or STANDARD.STP Real account with a leverage of 1:500, minimal contract 0.01, Lot size 100 000 (150 000 for some instuments)). Trading instruments: All currency pairs, CFD on stock, Metals. Minimum deposit: 300$. Also you must choose Account currency and LEVERAGE in here and agree to            I have read and agreed to Terms and Conditions of Bonus Provision        Terms and Definitions,  Risk Disclosure and Acknowledgement, Trading Operations Regulations and to Client Agreement.

7) The NEXT IMPORTANT STEP is to choose the realy save password which only you know for access of your trading activity. Trader password is used for login MetaTrader trading terminal for operating your trading transactions. Passwords should be complex: not less than 7 characters and not less than 2 of 3 entities - English uppercase letters, English lowercase letters, numbers. 

8) CHOOSE YOUR INVESTORS PASSWORD! Passwords should be different. For viewing your account and fund withdrawal. Investor password is used to login trading terminal Metatrader in a view only mode, not being able to perform trading operations. Investor password is also used for creating a request for fund withdrawal. 
Please choose your passwords carefully and keep them safe! Type the passwords and OPEN AN ACCOUNT!

9) You will be taken to opened account page from where you can see all your account data and histrory and also make funding for your investments!

10) Go to your email and check out your email. You must have 2 emails arrived from Forex Optimum. If you do not see them in your inbox please check the Spam folder or just type in search window: forexoptimum. 

First email is regarding your registration. It contains important information which you will have to use next time you are signing into forexoptimum. You can use this direectly after CONFIRMING YOUR EMAIL.

11) The second email you probably got is regarding your opened account, if you opened one. Trading account password is only intended to login into the trading terminal. Do not input your trading account password anywhere, except the trading terminal. Both trading account number and password are not intended for entering your Personal Office.

You can easy find a link to Download MT4 also in this email.

Instant depositing via credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard). No comission or transfer fees. Maximum amount per transaction 5000 USD, transaction limit per credit/debit card 10000 USD.

1) In order to deposit money into your trading account using VISA/MASTERCARD you will have to login into your ForexOptimum account using your Personal Office Number you received in Email confirmation from ForexOPTIMUM and PASSWORD by going to the following address: https://private.forexoptimum.com/agent.html?agent=800000345216

2) After login you will see the list of your trading ACCOUNTS where you can choose into which Trading account you wish to deposit. Choose it and next to it press DEPOSIT

3) Choose PAYONLINE the method of deposit. This is a payment processing company. Your 
Payment will be processed by redirecting to the payment system website.

4) Choose amount of deposit. The minimum deposit for Standard account starts from 300$. Press Next.

5) Finish payment by logging into filling the payment form of Payment Processor website and finishing fund transfer!

6) Wait for confirmation email of your transaction and START TRADING!