Trade binary options with ForexOptimum

Forex Optimum Company is pleased to announce a new service!
We offer our clients the opportunity to trade binary options. This trade can be carried out directly within the Company Secure zone.
Binary options have appeared recently, but almost immediately became a very popular instrument.
Options Trading - is, in fact, trade contracts, which give a certain pre-defined profit. Winnings are calculated by multiplying the base price of the option on the profit margin. If you win your you get the total price of the contract back, including profit. In case of loss only the cost of the option is charged. It should be noted that any change in the rate allows to profit, even if it is minimal.
The main essence of trading options such as "Call / Put" (above / below) is that the trader after selecting instrument needs to choose one of two scenarios on the market: whether the price of the option at the time of its sale will be higher/lower than the price which was at the time of purchase of the option, its nominal value.
The main advantages of binary options trading:
· The ability to trade 24 hours a day
· High return
· Fast Profit
· A variety of assets
· No commissions
· Easy
· Freedom
It's simple: You can open an account to trade binary options immediately after registration in the Cabinet of the client cabinet or use an existing profile and start trading options!
Binary options - a popular type of OTC contracts provided by Forex Optimum for their clients to get acquainted with the mechanisms of the financial markets and the use of existing methods of financial analysis.
Today, binary options - the easiest tool nof non margin trading. Their distinguishing features are:
· No need of leverage
· Trader knows all the levels of possible losses and possible gains in advance
· No need to invest relatively large sums for trading
Forex Optimum offers you to trade binary options platform of its own design, you can find the log in link in your Personal Cabinet.
You do not need to download any additional software or install any additional plug-ins in your terminal. All trading operations are performed in the web interface in your personal account, including withdrawal.
Trading binary options is available for almost everyone. All that is required - it is the desire to learn, time and patience.
We wish you a successful trading!