Forex Optimum announces a series of real trader contests with real prizes


Forex Optimum has been holding an ongoing “Real prize for your profit” contest of traders' for several months. The competition is held on real accounts and is gaining popularity in a large number of traders with professional experience, because its main purpose is - to reveal the best of them, check the level of skill and training of all the contestants. The "Real prize for your profit" contest will be held on a monthly basis. In order to participate you just need to have an open type "Standard.STP" account and a deposit of $ 300 (excluding bonuses) there.
If you have a desire and ability to manage multiple accounts, you can open multiple accounts! It is also allowed to use all available trade tools that opens up great prospects. During the month, the participants are in a fascinating struggle that is accompanied by emotional disturbances, each contestant with his own way and personal trading strategy, considering the moves and actions. Taking part in the contest, each trader is undoubtedly receiving a great experience. Forex trading brings in a human restraint, prudence and confidence, broadens your mind, because you need to always be aware of all the economic and political events in the world.
The winners are the 3 best contestants. They are determined by the maximum profit (Equity) on the account from the first to the last trading day of the month for the period of the competition: 

- 1st place – 300$
- 2nd place – 200$
- 3rd place – 100$
After summing up the contest, and reset the data billing, prizes are transferred to the real winners' accounts that were open for competition. Funds are available for trading or withdrawal immediately after they are credited onto your account without any limits. If you live with the spirit of competition, perseverance, passion, desire to develop a new interesting direction and desire to win - then forex competition from «Forex Optimum» is waiting for you!