Partner with Forex Optimum


Forex Optimum Company offers advantageous partnership. You can become a partner right now by selecting one of the proposed programs. Participating in Forex Optimum partnership program is your unique opportunity to express yourself and earn extra income. If you want to make money with the help of modern technology on the Internet, you can select the "Online Partner" program. If you plan to build your own business, becoming a Forex Optimum representative in your area, feel free to choose the "offline-representative" program.

Earnings example

The client opens the Standard account, fills up it on 1.000 USD and starts to trade.
The client makes transactions on EUR/USD, where spread level = 3 points, for 1 lot = 30 USD. One is Buy order in volume of 2 lots will be closed in a minus of 30 points, and 3 lots second order on sell - in plus of 40 points. Thus, the client paid for 2 transactions 15 points of spread (2 lots*3 points + 3 lots *3 points) that at recalculation on money is equal to 150 dollars (60 + 90), since 1 lot = 30 USD.
Even at a minimum level of compensation - 65 %, you receive: from the first transaction - 39 USD + 58,5 USD = 97,5 USD.
And this is for only 2 transactions of 1 attracted client. Many clients make hundreds and even thousands of transactions a month!