Partners of the Forex company, earn from a trade turnover of the attracted clients. The more clients, the more transactions; the bigger is the transaction, the more payment is for its commission, and the bigger compensation theForex Optimum Partner will receive.

What is the commision?

Your compensation is a percent from spread.
Spread is a difference between the price of purchase and the price of sale of currency which the client pays when opening transaction
Initially you will receive 65 % from spread. At achievement of certain success your level of the income will increase respectively.
Below you can get acquainted with motivation of partner growth and the profit increase.


до 200 lots

Premium Partner

200 — 1000 lots

V.I.P Partner

More than 1000 lots
Our company differs by its individual approach to each partner. We are ready to discuss any conditions of cooperation at the realized desire of the Partner to develop and at success and development demonstration. We are always open and appreciate new ideas and offers from our partners.

What is MTP?

The main condition of charge of affiliate commission - passing by the client trades the MTP level. MTP - a minimum level the price should pass after the transaction opening, i.e. is a difference between the prices of opening and closing the order. MTP is measured in points and equals 2 spreads for all instruments.
Example of passing of MTP level
The client opened the buy order on EUR/USD and entered at the price of 1.5000, the price went up, the client closed the transaction at level 1.5045. The spread after EUR/USD steam is equal 2 points, and level of MTP is equal 4 points. So that you obtained the reward, the client should close the transaction at level 1.5004 or further from the opening price.
In this example the condition of MTP is carried out, and you obtain the reward.


In the Partners Cabinet you can see all the statistics on the involved clients:
  • Number of clients
  • Volume of made transactions
  • Profit of trade of each client
  • Total profit for any period

Commission payments

Charge of commission occurs after each transaction closes on the client account.
  • Within a week your clients make transactions, and commission is charged into your partner account.
  • Every week your commission is summarized and becomes available for withdrawal.
  • You can withdraw your commission by any system convenient to you.
Forex Optimum Company has a big variety of payment systems from electronic money to bank transfers; therefore you can choose how to withdraw your money.