Pamm Masters - Pamm Masters- profitable low-risk investment project , technology and system of interactions with investors in financial markets , which allows the investor to find an experienced manager in accordance with the size of their investments and the desired level of income.
Transaction Manager automatically and proportionally copied to investor account that allows the investor to generate income commensurate with income manager or even higher.

Pam Maters - is a project for those who want to have a stable income in the financial markets and it does not have enough experience and knowledge or do not have time to regularly review the market making trades using the experience and strategies of top managers and successful traders.

Limitations and conditions of trade to " manage" and " Invest" accounts:Partial closing of positions:

When trading Pamm Masters technically unfeasible incomplete closing of the transaction amount . For example, if the transaction was opened on 3 lots, not only will close 1 lot or 2 lots only . Can be closed only once all three lots at the same time deal.
Simultaneous closing opposite positions (such CloseBy and Multiple CloseBy):
When trading on the "manage" and " investment account " can not be closed with one button ( either fully or partially ) locked positions , ie positions that are open to buy and sell on the same financial instrument.
Transaction volume limits:
  • When available funds (FreeMargin) start from 5000 USD and more - only whole lots.
  • When available funds (FreeMargin) are less than 5000 USD - whole lots and fractional lots up to 0.1 lot - this feature is implemented as an additional security measure for the " Invest " accounts and acts only on the condition that to this " Manager " account connected to at least one " Invest" account.
  • In case of backup from status "Manager" account regaining previous terms of trade accounts group Standard.
  • For replicated ( copied ) orders lots up to 0.01 lot are available in whole and fractional.
  • To retain all proprietary trading terms of trade accounts group Standard.

"Invest" account :

  • For replicated ( copied ) orders are available whole and fractional lots up to 0.01 lot .
  • To retain all proprietary trading terms of trade accounts group Standard.
These restrictions relate solely to the technical implementation of the project.
Forex Optimum Company may change the terms of trade with advanced ( at least one day ) through the mail notifying them of the terminal and the publication of news on the company website . Actual trading conditions are always available on our website .